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iPad classes are currently springing up all over the place in Germany. The digital world is even making increasing inroads into primary school classrooms: teachers and pupils are already introduced to the use of tablets when learning to write in the first or second year.

This trend was clearly visible at this year's Didacta in Stuttgart where ONLINE Schreibgeräte presented the newly developed learn-to-write app for the first time. Teachers and educators tested out this innovative development with great interest and were impressed by the results.

So what's special about this app? ONLINE has developed this app in close collaboration with educators and teachers at the Offenstetten primary school. As a Media Project school they showed great interest in being able to work on developing a teaching resource as educators. This close collaboration has resulted in a teaching and learning resource which makes it possible to use tablets in the classroom as a meaningful resource for handwriting exercises. After pupils have learnt to print, the “ONLINE Discovery – Learn to Write” app provides the educational foundation for acquiring handwriting on a tablet. Teachers and pupils set off together on the ONLINE Discovery – Learn to Write. They visit a variety of countries around the world; here they practice forming sweeping pen strokes, then letters and then to write words in joined up handwriting in a series of eight lessons. ONLINE followed the advice of the educators very closely when designing the app as well as in the design of the graphics. In mid-May it was finally ready: ONLINE donated 20 iPads to the year one primary school class in Offenstetten, all equipped with the “ONLINE Discovery – Learn to Write” app – and straightaway the pupils began to test and practice. The young users were extremely enthusiastic and the teachers are now very pleased with their highly motivated pupils. The teachers will continue the cooperation with ONLINE. Observations which they make from using the app will immediately feed into the further development of the learn-to-write app.

ONLINE has also developed an accompanying handwriting activity book for use in parallel with digital handwriting practise. For the teachers this represents an important element of the development, ensuring that pen (fountain pen) and paper are not sold short despite the digital approach. The handwriting activity book is the logical accompaniment to the “ONLINE Discovery – Learn to Write” app ensuring that classroom requirements are fully met. As extra encouragement for the young learners, the activity book also includes a passport for writing beginners in which the teacher can stamp each lesson as the pupil completes it – until the child has completely mastered writing with a fountain pen.

SWITCH – the first school fountain pen with stylus tip
Digital writing on a tablet and classic writing on paper – this is what the new school fountain pen SWITCH from ONLINE is all about and it handles both superbly. Ergonomically shaped recessed grips (nib) and clear grip zones (stylus tip) provide the ideal hold for a comfortable grip when writing on paper or tablet. The robust SWITCH is delivered in eye-catching sales displays which are an ideal fit with the tablet.  The idea of the all-round writing implement in the modern classroom is immediately communicated to the target group of school pupils. Easy for retailers: the SWITCH is available to order immediately from the new B2B ONLINE shop at any time.

Promotional tour for the back-to-school season
The countdown to the sales launch for SWITCH and the “ONLINE Discovery – Learn to Write” app can be followed on ONLINE's website and Facebook page – and consumers and teachers are immediately reacting with great interest to the entire concept. Educators can order free test packages and to support retail sales ONLINE is planning approx. 120 promotional campaigns in Germany for the back-to-school season based on digital writing exercises and games on tablets as well as enabling users to test the new school fountain pen on paper. Posters, flyers, test stations etc. offer retailers further attractive opportunities for presenting the SWITCH and free learn-to-write app as effectively as possible. The many promotional PoS campaign dates will be accompanied by online marketing on all the normal social media platforms where ONLINE has been providing plenty of varied cross-media information around the activities and products since establishing the company's own web shop. The manufacturer of writing implements is supporting its new products in a targeted and effective campaign with a range of product videos (on YouTube). Information, videos and the free download of the app can be called up very simply via QR codes to be found on all displays. Let the fun begin with SWITCH and the “ONLINE Discovery – Learn to Write” app!


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